Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Design

So, I've taken some time and am learning more and more about css and html code, and was able to maneuver my way through to create this design on my blog. Granted, I acquired the background from another site, but I was able to successfully manipulate the code, and the header to make it my own. This including downloading new fonts, using PowerPoint to edit my header photo, use code to edit the fonts of my post titles and sidebar titles, and much more. I didn't realize how time consuming it could be, but I have done it! I also started a new blog first to test out my skills, but now I think I will keep both. Not sure how different they will be or if I will  just switch over to the new one eventually, but for now, they both stay.

Yay for Thursday, because it's almost Friday, and almost a 3 day weekend! Can't wait! I'm exhausted.


ChaChaneen said...

I like the new look! Happy holiday weekend!

jax said...

Thank you! I hope you had a great holiday weekend!