Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating!

Good evening to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I, like many other in this country, have decorated my house for Christmas very soon after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Below is my cat, Spike. This morning while at PetSmart buying some cat litter, I saw this adorable collar and had to buy it. At first he didn't like it, but then he got used to it and looked as adorable as ever!

Next are the reindeer I bought from PartyLite. They are very festive! I was only able to get them thanks to my mother agreeing to host a party after mine, so thank you mom!

Then here are my ruby red glass bowl and my Christmas tree candle holders. as you can see, my house has very many PartyLite accents... Thank you mom for letting me borrow the red table runner!

Now here is the center of the room! All eyes will be on the brand new TV and the stand it sits upon! I just bought it yesterday and went out shopping for a TV stand as soon as I got back home. I think it is lovely. The stand even has LED lights in it to illuminate anything that is in it. I think I made a VERY good choice.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Okay, so I'm one of those crazy people that braves the other crazies way too early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving for the good deals. Thank you Shelley for braving the storm with me today :) Although I know you didn't have a very good time, you got breakfast/lunch and got to see how crazy it is out there! Thank you also for forcing me to ask the guy at Frys if the TV was available :D

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay, so I just got back from Florida on Friday, November 21. These are a few pictures from my trip. I had more, but it only let me put up five, so these are the ones I chose.

Okay, this is, as you can see, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Tallahassee, Florida. This is the second of two buildings we went to for our meeting. This one happened to be across the street from a Florida State Penitentiary.

This is the Tallahassee water tower down the street from our hotel. This is Tallahassee's symbol, it's all over their police cars and more.
This is a view of my hotel room from the two-seater sofa in the corner. I got a king sized bed, but a view of the building next door.

This is a picture of the bed. It was so super comfy. Especially the the fluffy blanket.

This is the conference room we met in for the first half of the meeting. It was very nice and high tech. Those two TVs at the end of the room were used to project the PowerPoint I wrote! How exciting!
Well, that about sums up my trip. I spent one day flying there, spent a day in meetings and getting sick, then the next flying back home. It was fun, I'm glad I got to go to Florida. I drank sweet tea the whole trip (which was delicious). I'm actually kind of sad that we don't have it in California. Maybe I'll have to break down and go to McDonald's to buy some..... In about two weeks I go Massachusetts and North Carolina. More to come!

The Mystery of the Giant Bug

Okay, so about two weeks ago, I went to lunch at work in the break room, and this bug was in there. It was so big and twitchy, we put a cup over it.

We tried to figure out what it was, even thought about sending it to the entomology department at the University, but then hope! Anna knew what it was!
It turns out that it was a cricket trying to get out of its endoskeleton. I've never in my life seen a cricket that large! It was huge! It looked like a weird dinosaur! But after finding out what it was, we put it outside and let it go.

I hope it made it out of it's shell to go on to annoy people with its crickety noises. It was really struggling, so I hope it was all worth it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Hair part 2

Okay, here are some better pictures of my hair (and me) because I'm al fresh and not tired. I think it changes how I look completely. I think I look like a different person almost. I like it though. I'm happy I decided to get bangs :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Hair

Okay, I did something today.... I went and got my hair done. I originally went in for just a trim and style and I left with bangs!

These pictures aren't very good because I'm super white and washed out, but I like them! I haven't had bangs in over 12 years, since I was about 10... they're not quite how I pictured, but they're a good starting point. What do you guys think? I know Mom, I said I wasn't going to do much, but I like them!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things for me to be happy about

Some good things going on in my life at the moment:

1. RoomeSource finally got their act together and is replacing my couch tomorrow!

2. I get to go to Florida for work next week, and I have never been there before, so this will be a new experience!

3. Brian and I are getting along much better and are much less on edge.

4. I get to go to North Carolina and Massachusetts next month and I haven't been to either of those states either!

That's all for now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I hate drama, yet it always seems to find me... yesterday I had someone blow up at me for something I had NOTHING to do with. She called off our friendship and said that even if I was okay with her, she couldn't be friends with someone who's future husband had a problem her. Stupid right? And when I say I had nothing to do with it, I mean it in the most literal sense. I was not involved in any way; it was taken out on me anyway.

Well, I don't need that drama. I don't need that stress in my life. I have enough going on as it is, too much stress already and frankly it's not worth it. I'm kind of at a loss for words right now, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A sad day for California

I really have to get this off of my chest. This is a place where people can vent and say their true feelings right? After this, you won't hear about it from me:

It really makes me sad that yesterday, California voted to give more rights to chickens than to human beings. And by that, I mean they voted yes on prop 2, which give chickens more space to move their limbs, and they passed prop 8 which took away the right for same sex couples to get married. What does that really say about Californians? It says that California is full of discriminating people who are in so much denial that they won't even admit it to themselves that they are being discriminatory! It is no different than the Jim Crow laws that said black people couldn't drink from the same fountains as white people! It is no different than the laws that wouldn't let Jewish people shop in the same stores as others. We are all human beings and we all deserve the same basic rights, which includes marriage.

And for those who say tht marriage is a religious right and should be ruled by the church, if you really want it that way, fine. That's how it should be! Church and state are separated! That was one of the founding principles of this country. You are forcing your religion upon other people! What happened to freedom of religion! Take away any government involvement from marriage. Make it only something you can only get from a church. No tax benefits, nothing. Then everyone is equal and you protect the "sanctity of marriage". But no, that's not good enough. YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH! and it pisses me off to think that people could deny other people a basic right to marry the one they love.