Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally back home

So our trip to Knoxville was a success! We were able to transfer all of George’s things to a location in Knoxville where they will be safe until we can manage to get them to California. It was a lot of work, and it was A LOT warmer than we had planned for on the days we moved, but we made it through!

We didn’t end up having much time or money to do a lot while out there, but we did manage to make it to the Knoxville Zoo! That was a lot of fun. They had a few exhibits that I haven’t seen in other places, like their Red Panda Village and Black Bear Falls. They had bald eagles, rhinos, gazelle, and more. Those little pandas were adorable! They were full of energy and never stopped moving (well except for the ONE that was asleep).

We didn't take many pictures because we didn’t do much, but I still had a good time! I’m very glad for the experience. I was very glad to be home. I missed my kitties and my own bed. Snickers and Spike were so happy to be home! They had been stressed out away from home, and it took Spike all of 10 minutes to realize he was home and he was back to his normal self. Snickers was even faster. 

It was right back to work the next day after getting home, so I'm glad it is already the weekend! In a few hours at least. I won't get to sleep in tomorrow though since I'm going to UC Davis's 97th Annual Picnic Day with George and my mom. I'm very excited about this. I haven't been in a few years and George has never, so it'll be a fun experience. I'm excited to see what the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh! has in store for this year's performance. They choose a different theme every year to guide their song choice and performance. My freshman year at Davis, I believe Pirates of the Caribbean was the theme. Sadly I didn't get to participate due to illness, but I was still there to watch my fellow band-geeks perform and I'm glad to be going back this year. Hopefully we'll get to take lots of pictures!

Speaking of which, I used to hate pictures, but now I've come to find I love taking pictures if they're with people I love! I'm glad I've changed my mind about them. I want to have as many memories saved in photographic form as I possibly can :)

I'll try to update with pictures from the zoo as soon as I can. 

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Anonymous said...

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